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Jun. 23rd, 2009 | 04:10 pm
music: 2009 - 22 Mon R&F CF64K

We're back from Europe. We took pictures. They are here.

We arrived in Barcelona after an overnight flight into London, then a connection to Barcelona. I didn't sleep, so we were very tired when we got into Barcelona at 4pm. Took a cab to our hotel, which the cab driver misunderstood the title of and brought us to a wrong hotel. Luckily, they were both in the same general area, so it was a quick fix.

Made it to about 8pm that first day before Jenny and I passed the fuck out. Woke up about 8am the next day and tried to get in touch with Warren and Shervin, who were meeting us in Barcelona. Neither of their phones worked, so we just had to email and hope we were checking. Blah blah blah.

Barcelona was basically a huge fucking 3 day party. Lots of eating, even more drinking, not being able to get into clubs because of my shoes, almost getting arrested on the beach at 4am, taking 8 hours to make a 30 minute trip to the beach, almost dying trying to get an awful rental car up to the top of a hill, then almost dying when we tried again. Barcelona was nuts. I love that city. I hope to go back and spend more time there. Meeting up with two great people also made it so much more of a blast. It was completely surreal partying with friends in Spain.

Anyway, we decided to split a rental car with Shervin and Warren to save money. They showed up with it on Thursday so we could drive to France. The only rental car they could get was tiny. We had to ride with luggage on our laps and knees in our chests. But it was a blast. Here's a video of Shervin and Warren doing the worst donuts ever at a rest area in France :

We kept stopping at places as we drove through France and being disappointed. It was like driving through awful USA with French signs.

We got to Monheurt very late, I made the call to Wayne saying that we were there as my phone died. We had to use my phone for GPS through the ride, and luckily it made it that far. Monheurt is this tiny, tiny, tiny village in the countryside of France.

This was basically the village (well, 3 or 4 streets like this) :

Wayne's grandmother's house and the village's washing area where they used to wash all the clothes :

The school's "playground" where we later played the French version of bocce ball :

The village and the people there were amazing. We were taken on a trip on Friday to different areas around the general area. We went to a couple of really old walled in cities. We had lunch at some cafe next to an old king's castle and it was fantastic. That evening, we went to a dinner at a restaurant where they shut down the restaurant for us. It was like 40euros per person and was literally one of the best meals I've ever had in my entire life. It was unbelievable. All the food in France was amazing. The pates were out of this world, the cured meats and the duck. Wow.

Here's Jenny's starter at dinner :

And of course the reason we were there was the French Wedding. It was absolutely beautiful. Wayne's step-mom and I believe his aunt made up the village hall to look stunning. And the food and the wine was flowing.

Wayne's step-mom Ada with a giant bottle of wine :

Duck confit dinner at the wedding reception :

The bridge & groom :

Towards the end of the day, this adorable kid came out and played some songs on his accordion. It was very cute.

After the wedding, all the people came together in the playground to play their version of bocce. It was fun, but like bocce or horseshoes, got kind of boring without booze. And dirty. And the old french guys kick fucking ass at it :

We then needed to quickly find a way back to Barcelona, as our flight was leaving out of there on Monday, and the rental car was staying in France. We found a train and took a train from Agen, France to Barcelona. That was a very new experience.

The whole time over there was a blast. I loved it. I want to travel more of Europe now so bad.

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