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I Hate You.

And You, Too.

Rob Thomas
17 March 1980
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I rule you. Suck it dry.

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a perfect circle, acid techno, acid trance, adult swim, alice in chains, anti-hippie, anti-human, anti-religion, apathy, aqua teen hungerforce, around the horn, arrested development, baseball, basketball, beauty, blondes, bob odenkirk, boobs, car audio, caribbean, carmen electra, cats, chevelle, coffee, computers, csi, csi miami, david cross, death, driving, drum and bass, dvds, electronic music, electronics, entourage, family guy, football, gatorade, girls, hockey, home audio, homer, homer simpson, hybrid, ice cube, iced tea, italian food, jenny!, jim norton, jungle, king of queens, king of the hill, kissing, korn, last comic standing, law & order, law & order ci, law & order svu, lewis black, libertarians, life, logic, long island iced teas, loveline, malignant narcissism, maps, marilyn manson, martinique, masturbating, masturbation, miami, mlb, money, mr show, mudvayne, naked, narcissism, nas, nfl, nice asses, nine inch nails, nudity, oliver lieb, opie and anthony, other people getting hurt, pardon the interuption, parties, pink floyd, politics, porn, quentin tarantino, records, rich vos, sarah silverman, sasha, sealab, seinfeld, sex, six feet under, skinny dipping, sleeping, slipknot, south park, spinning, sports, sportscenter, st. maarten, stabbing westward, stone sour, stuff, talk radio, television, tenacious d, the caribbean, the mars volta, the matrix, the simpsons, the sopranos, the underdog show, thongs, tom jones, tool, tough crowd, trance, trent reznor, tv, underdog, vacations, vinyl, violence, war, without a trace, women, work